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HACIENDA MECA SL 14430 ADAMUZ-CORDOBA | Tel. +34 957 336126 Fax. +34 957 336448
Hacienda Meca SL
Adamuz, Cordoba (España)

We are the third generation of a family who grows since 1975 an olive estate in Adamuz, called “La Meca”, in the heart of the “Sierra Morena Cordobesa”, a unique mountainous region near cordoba. Today, we raise 16’000 olives trees, mostly centenary and from the Picual and Nevadillo variety. We follow techniques of Integrated Farming that can be describe as an agricultural system that produces high quality products, safe for consumers and respectful of the environment Our mill uses the latest technology to press our olive at the Hacienda to get a perfect produce. Furthermore to make our product “Envero” we reserve the olives harvested in November from the tree (never from the floor) and daily pressed at very low temperature.

The Result of our process is a mid to intensive fruity olive oil, very clean with pleasant green tones of artichokes, green bananas and tomato plant.